Title: kumari nahappan: FLUXION – Art & ThoughtsAuthor(s): T. K. Sabapathy and a special essay on public art by Lindy Poh Publisher: EDM, Editions Didier Millet
Specs: Hardcover, 264 pages, featuring more than 300 artworks Price: S$138

This publication is the first monograph on kumari nahappan’s work. It spans over 20 years of the artist’s creative practice featuring drawings, paintings, installations, studio-based sculpture and public art. It presents original scholarship and new insights into Kumari’s artistic practice and is a critical contribution for those interested in her work and in the development of Singapore art.

Art historian T.K. Sabapathy, one of the authoritative voices of Asian modem and contemporary art, helms this thorough and multi-layered study. Research for the publication has stretched over 4 years, spurred by an unprecedented access to Kumari’s studio and private archives. 
kumari nahappan: FLUXION – Art & Thoughts consists of 6 chapters. Each is devoted to detailed studies of particular phases and aspects of Kumari’s art, and showcases materials that have never been published before.

In a special contributing essay, Singapore curator Lindy Poh examines some of the challenges a contemporary artist encounters when developing and installing artworks in and for the public domain, as well as complexities arising from the reception and conservation of such art.

This study also features a lengthy interview with the artist, in which she talks about the key concepts, experiences, influences and personal circumstances that have shaped her thoughts on art and its practice. Moreover, the book also proposes contextual frameworks for appreciating Kumari’s art in contemporary terms.

Plates and catalogue sections offer the reader additional visual insights into kumari’s body of works and are completed with a comprehensive list of all featured artworks.

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