9 May 2019

Talktime mentioned in Venice biennale article

It’s Nahappan’s second consecutive participation at Venice Biennale parallel show. In 2017, she exhibited giant saga seeds at an indoor venue, but this year, her sculptures are out in the open.

“So far, everyone’s been taking a lot of photos,” she said, with a laugh. “Two years ago, (my work) was in a closed space where the impact was intense, whereas this is free and open, and it kind of draws people’s attention while they’re walking.”

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18 Apr 2019

Meet the Singaporean who’s spicing up the art scene with her giant chillies

From her nutmeg sculpture at ION Orchard to a pair of intertwined chilli peppers at next month’s Venice Biennale, Kumari Nahappan gives us a taste of the possibilities in art.

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26 Feb 2019

Singulart launches sculpture

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20 Jun 2018

Contemporary Art Magazine Interview

Kumari was interviewed by Contemporary Art Magazine in June 2018. 

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14 Sep 2017

Chanting: rosary

kumari will be launching her inaugural exhibition titled 'rosary' at the ANIMA MUNDI International Art Festival in Venice, Italy on 14th September 2017. The show will be ongoing until 26th November 2017, and it runs parallel to the 57th Venice Biennale.

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22 Oct 2016

Saga seeds of history

Nahappan chose to represent the vanishing trade of the Little India goldsmiths, who traditionally used saga seeds as a weighing measure for precious metals. The seeds come from her friends around the region.

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2 Jan 2015

Works that captured the imagination

Kumari Nahappan is named one of ten artists with iconic works from the past 50 years by Business Times Singapore. 

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19 Sep 2014

Seeds of Calm Energy: Public artist Kumari Nahappan's Singapore Biennale installation - video interv

"...She hoped that, during the Biennale period, the red artwork would create a calm space in which visitors could feel a strong sense of community connection, a "presence of putting something together"".

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22 Aug 2014

Giant "Chilli Lady" wins award

"... Singaporean artist Kumari Nahappan is one of the recipient of the first Singapore Indian Icon Award"

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20 Jun 2014

Creating Enormous Bronze Apples for Farrer Park Hotel

The monumental sculptures are the very first art commission that One Farrer Park Company made, says Richard Helfer, member of the company's board and chairman of One Farrer Park Pte Ltd who is driving the company's art collection. 

"We knew that we wanted to work with Kumari, but we left it for her to propose the idea"

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18 Feb 2014

Biennale draws record visitors

".... The 46-year-old said she was moved by many of the works on display, in particular Singapore artist Kumari Nahappan's installation Anahata."

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26 Jan 2014

Setting the stage

Art Stage Singapore 2014 saw a bigger push on art from the region through curated country platforms.

Malaysian-born Singapore-based Kumari Nahappan also did well with her chilli concoctions

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4 Jun 2013

On the trail of paper

Those used to sculptor Kumari Nahappan's dancing chilli peppers, red-hot chillies and bell peppers often cast in bronze, are in for a surprise. In her solo exhibition title REaDINGs, she makes a significant departure from her better known works to experiment with paper and new sculptural forms.

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1 Mar 2013

Natural Touch

One such talent is Kumari Nahappan, whose two-tonne work, Nutmeg, stands outside on of the newest and most visited shopping malls in Singapore: ION, part of the shoppers' paradise of Orchard Road.

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2 Dec 2012

Spice in the City

Award-winning artist-sculptor Kumari Nahappan, also known as "The Chilli Lady", approaches life with all the raw passion and exuberance associated with her favourite hot vegetable.

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30 Sep 2012

Spices of Life at 7Adam

A marvelous fusion of art and food awaits all who enter the lush green foliage at Singapore's Adam Park. Go on a sensory journey of culture and cuisine at 7Adam gallery and restaurant. In September, the gallery will be featuring the dynamic sculptor, Kumari Nahappan, in a solo exhibition.

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3 Feb 2012

Strategic Talks "Tie Relationship Together"

"..., the sculpture signifies new life and untapped energies."

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16 Sep 2011

Red-Hot Dance Moves

A 6-meter-high sculptures featuring two chilli pieces posing as if dancing the tango is placed yesterday in front of the ShanghaiMart, where the 2011 Shanghai Art Fair, featuring 155 galleries from 12 countries and regions, is being held until Sunday. The sculpture, Happy Tango, was created by Singapore-based Kumari Nahappan.

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1 Sep 2011

Shanghai Loves Kumari's Chillies

Entwined in a dance position, a pair of towering 6m-high chillies took centre stage at the Shanghai Art Fair this year.

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3 Jul 2011

Tango" Will Be Waved in Shanghai Art Fair 2011 (15th) at ShanghaiMART

Recently, the main exhibitors in Shnaghai Art Fair, The Art Gallery Purple Roof, which is devoted into seeking and discovering in public art area for many years announced that they will take the sculpture work "Tango" by female artist Kumari Nahappan from Singapore to attend the exhibition.

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3 Jan 2011

50 movers and shakers of Singapore's art scene

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20 Aug 2010

Creating an Impact with Everyday Things

Malaysian born Singapore artist Kumari Nahappan's solo show is the curtain raiser with an exhibition of abstract sculptures and paintings.

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14 Nov 2008

Red, Hot and Quirky

"What else has the power to do that to you?"

- Artist Kumari Nahappan on how, when you eat chilli, your mouth burns and you run around trying to douse it.

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21 Apr 2008

Sea View Condo Comes with a Piece of Local History

Reminder of the past: Wheelock Properties has spent $1.3m to conserve, retrofit and furnish the 5,000 sq ft double-storey clubhouse formerly known as Pavillion.

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29 Jul 2006

Chilli Hot

What a sizzler: A giant chilli sculpture by Singapore artist Kumari Nahappan.

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1 Dec 2005

Hot Stuff

Kumari Nahappan's sculptures of gigantic chillis and saga seeds embrace the spice of life.

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28 Aug 2004

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Artist

Using simple compositions, and layers of vibrant hues, her abstract work is full of philosophical ideas that reflect "life and energy".

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23 Feb 2003

Kumari's Red Hot Conquests

Malaysian actor Chacko Vadaketh meets Kumari Nahappan, a fellow member of the Malaysian Diaspora across the Causeway, and is struck by her unassuming charm, talent - and the international acclaim with which her art is received.

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19 Aug 2001

Going Beyond the Physical

She let her work speak for her and surely it was not an oversight that the exhibition brochure did not have a picture of her.

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7 Nov 1997

An Exploration of Inspirations

Ben Munroe looks at the works of Chinese brush painter Wucius Wong and one of S'pore's most exciting artists, Kumari Nahappan. 

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6 Nov 1996

Mysticism of Red and Black

Kumari's explosion in cadmium red is balanced by Cai Heng's ink strokes.

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