Upcoming exhibition

11 May - 24 November 2019

"Personal Structures", Exhibition of sculpture Talktime, May-Nov Venice 2019

Marinaressa Gardens, Venice May 11th-Nov 24th 2019

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The Event

Parallel to the Venice Art Biennale 2019, the GAA foundation present “Personal Structures”. The exhibition is hosted by the European Cultural Centre in its prestigious Palazzos and the Giardini Marinaressa in May. Visit

https://europeanculturalcentre.eu/events/exhibitions for more information'

The Artwork

The sculpture, “Talktime” by Kumari Nahappan, consisits of two red, intertwined chillies. It measures 2 m in height and weight is approximately 850 kg. It will be exhibited in Marinaressa Gardens 11th of May - 24th of November.

To sponsor as well as to honour this artwork, a limited edition of 88 miniatures in honey-golden colour, are being fabricated alongside and offered to private collectors internationally.
Measurement: H14 x W15 x D10 cm. Medium: Bronze. Year: 2019

For more information, contact: annika@kumarinahappan.com 

“Talktime was inspired by the notions of conversation, relationships and time. The two forms represent a fruit and a spice coming together much enjoyed culturally, historically and currently in time, creating more connections and engagement.”

 Kumari Nahappan, 2019